The On-Line Family Resource Network (OFRN) provides original articles, resources, and critical information about pregnancy assistance, parenting, nutrition, childhood education, medical information, personal development and counseling, housing information, financial information, legal information, marriage preparation and employment assistance. The OFRN is a web based community and support network driven by solution based services and information on a local and State level. The purpose of the OFRN is:

To help those in crisis situations find answers and personal support for their particular need,

To strengthen families by providing easy access to solutions, answers, and support material,

To build a community network of resources that strengthens and builds itself through sharing information and self promotion.

Through this resource community, you will be to quickly find the information and answers needed to make educated decisions and find someone in the local area to help with those decisions. Please feel free to offer comments and suggestions about this site so that we can continue to improve it.

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