"Could it Happen Here" Focus on Life Radio Series with Host Cheryl Ciamarra

Exclusive interviews with Giselle Dyer who tells her personal account of growing up as a young girl under Hitler in Germany. At 8 years old, Giselle sees her best friend's father thrown from the window the night of "crystalnacht," opening her eyes to the reality of genocide. Giselle's dramatic experiences led up to her own internment in a concentration camp for making a comment at school. As a teenager, she witnessed her friends being shot in a labor camp before her dramatic escape to freedom. Cheryl also interviews Dr. Michael Parkinson, an attorney who has studied first hand the original Hitler orders as each territory was brought under Nazi control and occupation. Such orders included promoting homosexuality and abortion. He also discusses the results of the Nuremberg trials which Giselle transcribed. This story begs the compelling question...could it happen here? Is America going down the same path of totalitarian government control as we sink into a secular value system? The similarities are remarkable! CD incudes five 15-minute radio programs include three with Giselle Dyer and two with attorney, Michael Parkinson.
Price: $10.00