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The United for Life Foundation is a home of many talented individuals. The people below are available for speaking engagements.

Lee Bruno

Lee Bruno has over 20 years experience in media production. Bruno began as an engineer repairing broadcast equipment and setting up wiring, for the international cable station EWTN, and from there gained ground level experience in everything from production, editing, uploading satellite link. Afterward, Bruno pioneered one of the first education series that synthesized web, television, and print. Bruno's award-winning Doodle, a digitally animated educational series aired on PBS in 10 states and 8 foreign countries, featured a full VHS series, and had one of the first fully operational flash websites). In 2004, Bruno had a new vision: a coordinated, nationwide, interconnected body of charities dedicated to healing culture. For this reason he started the United for Life Foundation. The United for Life Foundation had features cutting edge media capabilities, including some of the first webisodes, as well as an in house production company, television commercial campaign to aid women in crisis pregnancy. In 2007, Bruno worked with Metanoia Films, and the Foundation hosted the Birmingham Premiere of Bella at the Alabama Theatre. In 2008, Bruno served as Executive Producer for A Dream Worth Living, The United for Life Foundation's first theatre outreach. In 2009, Bruno's United for Life Foundation produced the runaway success vivace, featuring over 100 artists, musicians, performers, over 40 organizations, and a keynote speech by Mike Huckabee. This event fermented the United for Life Foundation as a statewide organization. The Foundation continues to grow and prosper, extending outreach throughout the state of Alabama and beyond. Bruno's Grocery once fed people's physical hunger, Bruno continues outreach by feeding people's spiritual hunger. continues in his family tradition of charity and outreach growing and leading the United for Life Foundation.

Cheryl Ciamerra

Cheryl Ciamerra is first and foremost a mother of 5 wonderful children. This experience provides context to the over 20 years experience in the culture of life and pro-life realms. She has been a founder, leader and Board Member of groups including the National Right to Life, Alabama Citizens for Life, and Shower of Blessings. Cheryl's experience spans from frequent communication with religious, political, social, and media leaders on the local and national spectrum, to coordinating grassroots events and conferences, to leading outreach efforts through social and traditional media. On top of speaking at various public events, and media interviews, Cheryl recently accepted the position as host of Focus on Life, a radio show largely focusing on faith-based topics, generating awareness for the culture of life. Cheryl continues this busy schedule, being a Mom, planning, attending, and serving as speaker at events, writing, hosting Focus on Life, and helping the lead the movement of that is the Culture of Life.

G.P. Galle

G.P. Galle specializes in total creative project production, that is conceiving of a project, and overseeing both the creative and business side of the project from beginning to end. Galle is a Blackstone Fellow and earned his law degree from the University of Alabama in 2009. He graduated magna cum laude at Auburn University, received extensive sales training and was a top seller with the Southwestern Company, and formerly served as Director of Marketing and Development for the United for Life Foundation. Galle has extensive study in theology, with a focus in apologetics and natural law. His specific interest in theology includes social media, entertainment, and the political. Galle is professionally trained vocalist, and has 10 years experience in performance, production, and directing, with leads including Danny Zukko in Grease (Auburn University), and Harold Hill in The Music Man (ATM). On top of hundreds of small scripts, commercials, voiceovers, and his first play in 2006, Galle served as onstage production director for the Bella Birmingham Premiere, in 2007 wrote, directed, produced, and starred in his second production, a silent film/music review called A Dream Worth Living, and in 2009 Galle conceived, produced, and directed vivace, a 3 hour event featuring over 100 artists, musicians, performers, and generating awareness and charitable outreach for over 40 organizations, and featured national celebrity Mike Huckabee. Galle is also skilled in marketing, and specializes in branding complete projects, able to develop cohesive slogans, and appealing graphic design across both print and web mediums.

Ellen Marie Edmonds

Although Ellen considers herself simply a widow, mother, and grandmother, theis life combined with her 30-year professional career at AT&T has branded her a keen businesswoman and writer with a passion for the ”little ones”, both seen and unseen, often ignored in today’s society. When her late husband, Frank, a retired CEO with AT&T and a Civilian Aide to the Secretary of the Army, developed vascular dementia from a head injury in an auto accident, she cared for and companioned him all the way back to his infancy. Because Ellen was simultaneously caring for her first grandchild, she witnessed the parallels in the needs and care, observing the actual crossing over of the “alpha and omega” of life, as the baby grew bigger and her husband grew smaller. Forever changed in understanding Alzheimer’s and other dementia disease, and compelled to helping others suffering as she and her husband suffered, Ellen brings a message of hope and practical help to the millions worldwide affected personally or professionally by dementia disease. A popular speaker, Ellen has appeared on numerous local, national, and international television and radio shows including EWTN global television’s “EWTN Bookmark” hosted by Doug Keck, “EWTN Live!” hosted by Father Mitch Pacwa, and “The Abundant Life” hosted by Johnnette Benkovic. Through her books, freelance writings, and speaking events, Ellen is helping families, caregivers, clergy, counselors, medical professionals, and others involved in the care of seniors and the elderly, across all socioeconomic, culture, race and faith groups. Some of Ellen’s community activities include serving on the Board of Directors for United For Life Foundation, leading several local church and social ministries, and her long-time membership in Beta Sigma Phi international sorority. She mostly enjoys spending moments with her daughter and grand daughters, and with her sisters, brother, and close friends.