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The United for Life Foundation team, comprised largely of dedicated volunteers, meets regularly with charities in Alabama. This team provides consulting, free media resources, small project funding, and live networking events. This team has worked with hundreds of volunteers, including students from The University of Alabama, Auburn University, The University of South Alabama, The University of Mobile, as well as high schools including John Carroll, Cristo Rey, Saint Paul's Episcopal, and McGill-Toolen. The team has hosted large-scale events, produced radio and TV shows, and pioneered outreach through the web before it was the cool (and responsible) thing to do.


Professional Advisors

The United for Life Foundation consults regularly with the community, church, academia, and civic leaders. The United for Life Foundation professional Board of Directors is an ecumenical group of pastoral associates, doctors, civic leaders, and administrators.


Young Professionals

Young professionals and graduate students have been a large part of building the United for Life Foundation, particularly in volunteer work at sponsored events. This group has included young professional lawyers, salesmen, youth ministers, civic leaders, filmmakers, and IT professionals.



Since its inception, the United for Life Foundation has worked with hundreds of students. Whether it is supporting student conferences, giving them a platform for music or creative ministry, or giving them valuable experience in leadership, the Foundation keeps a strong focus on student outreach. Much of this is made possible through the Student Board of Directors. The Student Board is made up of those students who have a heart for ministry and excel in academic and leadership roles.