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We work with life-giving ministries across the world, many of them right here in Alabama. Together, we’re reshaping and equipping communities for a better tomorrow.

New Beginnings International Ministries

Bringing truth to Uganda that each life matters

New Beginnings Int. Ministries
P.O. Box 1975
Jinja, Uganda, East Africa

Phone: +256 785 923 355

Since 2009, New Beginnings International Ministries has been defending the innocent, the needy ones and the vulnerable in the eastern region of Uganda and in the refugee camps of the north. In a country filled with poverty, crippled by an AIDS epidemic, and wrecked by war, it’s estimated that over 20% of maternal deaths are caused by complications from abortions provided through an illegal, secretive network. The ministry shares the love of God and teaches young women that abortion ends a valuable human life.

Radio programs are part of their outreach efforts, as are trained volunteers who counsel women facing unplanned pregnancies. Led by native Ugandan Henry Isoba, a bold vision includes creating awareness through schools, hosting conferences for church leaders and other officials, and launching healthcare centers. The ministry also extends its care to orphans, for example, by paying school fees and providing school supplies.

New Beginning Ruth House

New Beginnings and its team of volunteers recently opened Ruth House. It’s a place where fear can be replaced with peace and babies can be born in safety, and mothers can be given vocational education. For every young lady who finds refuge at Ruth House, there is a new beginning.

Our goal is to raise $24,000 to operate Ruth House and continue saving lives!

Joyful Hope Ministries

Providing tools and teaching to fight evil and restore faith

Patrick and Joy Campbell lead a highly successful spiritual SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) Team where they teach the faithful how to deal with and immobilize spiritual attacks from the enemy. Healing and reconciliation occur on regular basis when the Campbells gather to teach, pray with and spiritually empower those who are searching for individual and family healing. As founders of the Cross of St. Benedict Society, their members grew to over  56,000 intercessors in 2019 united in prayer for the healing of families. They use social media to evangelize and to keep their connections with the society members.

They also are Youtube Video Bloggers under JOYFULHOPE TV, documenting God moments in their family and mission life, and they share their message and teachings in conferences in the U.S. and Canada. Patrick and Joy accompany spiritually afflicted families back to the sacraments by praying with them and giving their testimony of healing. Then, they teach them to use the sacramental of the Church and the gifts of the Holy Spirit to fight evil in their family life.   

128 Hampton Avenue

Kingstree, SC 52556

Phone: 1-888-510-4492

Jim and Joy Pinto

Promoting the sacredness of life, marriage and family

Jim and Joy Pinto are missionaries of the gospel of life, marriage and family. The Pintos co-host EWTNs @ Home with Jim and Joy, offering short teachings on marriage and God’s Plan, and are EWTN Media Missionaries. The Pintos have been directly involved in many aspects of the Pro-life Movement. They have served on EWTNs Media Team for the March for Life and have co-hosted the Walk for Life West Coast and March for Life Canada. Currently, Joy serves as Executive Director and Jim as Director of Development at Her Choice Birmingham Women’s Center, Birmingham, Alabama.

The Pintos mobilize every resource possible to encourage mothers to choose life, protect children at risk and to offer post abortion healing. They consider their marriage and family (including four children and 15 grandchildren) first priority in authenticating their faith in Jesus Christ and His Church. They are effective and passionate communicators who believe that Life, Marriage and Family is God’s plan to transform the world and that He will prevail!

Office Location:
Her Choice Birmingham Women’s Center
2120 7th Ave. South

Birmingham, Alabama  35233

Phone: 205-705-9158 / 205-252-0716

McDonald Media Ministries

Creator and teacher of making films with a higher purpose

Dr. Layne McDonald has dedicated his life to producing feature films and teaching how to create films that have a higher purpose than just entertainment. He and his wife create scripted and documentary films about life issues that impact us all, the hope through our hearts of charity, and the never-ending mercy of our Lord.

You can see his first film, Coming Home, on PureFlix or Amazon Prime. He is open to teaching young filmmaker workshops and sharing his story about loss and healing (the why to why he makes films to help others).

About Dr. Layne McDonald

Layne is a filmmaker, TV, and radio professional with 25 years of experience. His first media job was at NPR radio. He was a voice specialist and show editor. After working in public radio, he moved into film and television editing. He is one of the few understudies of Danford Green, editor for Alfred Hitchcock and Mel Brooks. He has worked for major studios in Hollywood as an editor for Universal, Warner Brothers, and Disney. He was the editor and media manager for these companies, working on music videos and feature films. Some of the films he worked on include The Passion of the Christ, City of Ember, Polar Express, I am David, and The Dark Knight Rises. He specializes in data management, editing, producing, and managing modern technology to leverage video.

The Joey Hale Fund

An educational and inspiring film for families

The Joey Hale Fund
P.O. Box 43217
Birmingham, Alabama 35243

On June 19, 1976, Joey Hale’s family was involved in a horrific hit and run car accident caused by a drunk driver. The accident left a four-year-old Joey and his five-year-old sister with brain damage and his father in a body cast unable to work for 18 months. With the help of their friends and family, the Hales survived this difficult time and life continued. Then just when you think it could not get any worse for this family, Joey was diagnosed with a brain tumor at the age of twelve. A few hours after the doctors removed the tumor, Joey suffered a series of seizures that left him paralyzed, nearly blind and unable to talk.

The Joey Hale Story, a documentary directed and produced by Dana Falletta Abercrombie and J. Neil Bloomer, is about the power of faith, football, friendship, and community coming together to do what is right for a remarkable family in need. The Joey Hale Fund was created to support the production of this inspirational film that tells how the “pay it forward” gestures of kindness from a friend of a friend kept this family going. Family, friends, neighbors, customers, co-workers, bosses, classmates, teachers, doctors, nurses, children, dogs, a pack of wild deer and even strangers lend a voice to tell the tale of Joey Hale, one of God’s walking miracles.

D.E.A.R. Fund – Embracing Dementia

Support and resources for families dealing with dementia

D.E.A.R. Fund
P.O. Box 43217
Birmingham, Alabama 35243

Ellen Marie Edmonds, author of Embracing Dementia: A Call to Love, became her husband’s caregiver when he was diagnosed with vascular dementia. At the same time, she cared for her first grandchild. In her book, she shares her faith-filled journey, offering a practical guide for those caring for loved ones with Alzheimer’s and other dementia diseases.

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About United for Life Foundation

The United for Life Foundation, based in Birmingham, Alabama, provides critical administrative, communication and fundraising services for our ministry partnerships. We support ministries that support human life and, by doing so, help compound their positive impact.

P.O. Box 43217, Birmingham, AL 35243